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Creator of Lhasa Brand
I was inspired by the image of the city — it is located at an altitude of 3,656 meters above sea level, somewhere among clouds, light, made of white stone. An important point is that it is forbidden, exclusive — after all, Europeans rarely penetrated Lhasa.

I don’t follow seasonal trends, I follow my heart.

An important part of my life is the topic of yoga — I traveled a lot in India, Singapore and Bali. Immersed in the fabulous world of Buddhism, engaged in practices and meditations, drawing inspiration for my own brand.

Having tried many activities, I always returned to creating — I painted, held my personal exhibitions, collaborated with my friend, designer Maria Didarova to create a line of sweatshirts.

And in 2020, decided to open my own brand of jewelry and accessories.
Authentic jewelry with sacred meaning
Each Lhasa product is endowed with an archetypal meaning to enrich life with health, wisdom, integrity, luck and prosperity. These products will serve as a great reminder of where to direct the inner fire within the framework of everyday life, to raise it to a completely new, magical level and expand your consciousness.

Lhasa talismans are a reminder of power and beauty lurking inside every one of us.
Collaborating with the best
Lhasa brand is engaged in the production of truly unique jewelry in collaboration with the best jewelers, each of whom is a member of the Union of Artists.

I come up with the design of jewelry myself, using complex structures and technology that require careful and accurate work of craftsmen.

Lhasa jewelry is produced in small collections and in limited edition — so you will definitely not meet a girl with exactly the same accessories.
Not just jewelry
In addition to jewelry, Lhasa specializes in the production of bags — also absolutely exclusive, made of A-class materials: Italian velvet and jacquard. Our brand plans to expand the range and create many interesting collaborations.

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