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Blooming mood with Lhasa!

P.S photo by Helmut Newton

Кольцо Wa with cabochon

Wa is a fundamental expression of harmony Wa is the fundamental expression of harmony and the peace that this implies. It is an absolute necessity for us to come to peace with what nature brings, from the rice harvest to cyclical natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis, or even the wars of history. The only way to approach these situations is, instead of fighting and putting your own gain first, to work together, to find and give help within your community for the better good. If we are in a difficult situation, let us remember that we are not alone and find the solution in wa.

Состав: желтое или белое золото 14К (585), нефрит кабошон, 4мм, 1шт; бриллиант 3мм, 1шт.

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