Meditation on the candle takes a healing effect, as well as helps to gain confidence and calm.

Just one session is enough to charge you with energy and get rid of the load of negative emotions, and constant meditation contributes to the recovery of the whole body.

Opportunities for candle meditation

What is great about these meditations is that there is no limit! Fire can warm the soul, burn everything negative, fill with light, inspire confidence, give passion. You know that many evil eyes are removed by fire and prayer. All because this is the element of purification, burning the extra, exhausted, interfering. This is the element of passion, love for life, flame. If you lack these characteristics, meditation on fire may well give them to you at the right time.

These practices also increase intuition and develop concentration, help stop the flow of thoughts. Observe for yourself how you will anticipate some events more often. Even your sleep will become much deeper and calmer, nervous system and eye diseases will step away. Your heart will get warmer, more open, fulfilled.

Meditation: for whom and when to perform it better

Meditation on a candle is very suitable not only for adults, but also for excitable, anxious and aggressive children. Since observing the sparks of the flame can soothe, such daily practice will gradually reduce the negative features of the child.

Time and rules for candle meditation

It is best to conduct meditation on fire at night or in the evening. At the same time, it is preferable locate in a dark room, where nothing distracts you. Experts advise using ordinary wax candles without added smells. There is also a separate opinion that it is necessary to use church candles, and not paraffin candles. However, ancient meditative traditions do not have such biases.

It is assumed that a candle should be placed at eye level for complete relaxation. It should be located about 30—60 cm from a person, and as far as possible from flammable objects. If you put candles too close to yourself, it will strain your eyes, and being far from the object will not help focus because of the extra space.

Candles are made of natural coconut and soybean wax with added natural essential oils.

Candle burning time 40—50 hours

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